Coding is the process of creating instructions for computers using programming languages. It is how human interacts with machines. Computer code is used to program the websites, apps, and other technologies we interact with every day.

This communication is carried out via a number of different languages, including:

  • Scratch: A visual, drag-and-drop coding experience
  • Python: Easy-to-read code that is great for beginners
  • Java: The language tested with the AP Computer Science exam
  • C++: Which is used to create software, games, and more

So, kids should learn to code because:

Coding for kids is the collection of opportunities available for children to get involved in coding. These opportunities aim to be fun and gamified to keep the young mind engaged

  • Coders are in high demand
  • Coding provides a competitive advantage
  • Coding knowledge allows students better understand the world
  • Coding is fun and satisfying
  • Coding improves creativity
  • Coding improves problem solving
  • Coding improves persistence
  • Coding improves collaboration
  • Coding improves communication


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